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Our team has been working to overcome challenges in the agricultural sector for 5 years now. To date, production of our unparalleled equipment in the worldwide market helped achieving higher sales to our customers. In our offer we want to pay special attention to our hydrocooler.

What are the challenges in this field?

1 Producers in several European countries implement the blast chiller system in the same way, through a single pipe, which does not fully ensure uniform water distribution. As a result, some of the fruit moving on the conveyor belt cannot fully absorb the shockwave.
2 The filtration system does not match the volume of water in the tub (because in Europe the cherry is harvested with a combine harvester, the cherry blossoms are removed during harvesting). Therefore it is necessary to clean the filters several times during working hours.
3 The temperature of the cooling water in the tub cannot be kept within 0.5 to 1 degree, and even reducing the speed of the conveyor line does not eliminate this problem.
4 Producers cannot achieve a capacity of more than 3-5 tonnes per hour.

Why us?

Local manufacturing
Our team's performance proves that our country has the ability to do better than existing offerings around the world. Having local production also makes the work easier for local customers in many ways.
More efficient solutions
The power and quality of the equipment we produce is far superior to equipment on the market, thanks to the technology we use.
Up to 40 percent more affordable offers
We offer higher quality at a more affordable price, based on the technology we have created.
The opportunity to join a government programme
We will help you receive a 40% subsidy from the state programme aimed to support local entrepreneurs.
We provide 1 year guarantee
With an Azerbaijani production, we simplify the technical support to our customers.

What did we do?

With these shortcomings in mind, our team did research on the topic. With the help of many research institutes, these shortcomings have been eliminated. As a result, we present you a hydrocooler fully adapted to the current situation in the agricultural sector of our country.

During February, March and April 2022 technical specifications of hydrocooler were prepared by Azerbaijan Standardization Institute and approved by appropriate authorities. As a result, on 13 April 2022 Azerbaijan Republic issued Certificate of Conformity No AZ031 ASI.35.01.00445.22 on voluntary evaluation of conformity of goods (works, services).

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